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of my love affair with writing

Since the start of secondary school several years ago, essays (and writing) have somehow become part of my existence, creeping into almost every facet of my life as a student, be it in tests, assignments or scholarship applications.

Frankly, I would be lying if I were to say that I loved writing passionately. I may have loved it once though, sometime long ago, lost in the foggy depths of my muddled memory. Of late, my mind has attached such a strong association between “writing” and “schoolwork” that it hardly seems natural for me to write for leisurely purposes anymore. The tureens of homework I’ve received over the past four years of my life have numbed me of a large portion of my love for writing. If so, why do I write?

I suppose the biggest incentive for me to write would simply be to excel and achieve good grades. In hindsight, this may seem rather mercenary, but with all honesty, it is probably the main driving force for me to write anything at all. If not for this “carrot”, I highly doubt that I would be willing to set aside time and effort to complete an essay for any purpose at all. An example of this would be how my blog, meant as a medium for me to de-stress in a meaningful manner died a natural death within months. Pity.

However, when I do write, be it for an assignment or due to a sudden flush of inspiration, I seek to write as well as I can. I love the aesthetic beauty of writing, and the amateur writer in me greatly enjoys every little witticism or pun that springs to mind. The very thought of how a prospective reader might react to any one of these fills me with an inexplicable sort of glee. Pardon me for my egoism, but I derive great satisfaction from producing a piece of work that I believe is of sufficient quality for me to be proud of, and others to deem worthy of praise.

I’ve always believed that there must be a purpose in writing. Thus, I write to air my views, to say my two-cents worth. I cannot lay claim to advocating lofty political ideals and satirizing the idiocy of governments and political figures, but nonetheless, I see every piece of writing I come up with as something that can let a reader understand more about my views, and perhaps even empathize with me and adopt my ideals.

Having been born in a rather protected environment, and not having lived through any form of social strife that has affected me too directly or unpleasantly, I must say that the views that I put across in my writing will be nowhere near as impassioned or fervent as those of authors such as Orwell, but I must say that I write in earnest to express the feelings I have gathered in my sheltered Singaporean existence.

Lastly, I write to express my sentiments. My philosophy in writing is to write simply and truthfully, and every word I pen down serves to express my heartfelt emotions. I hardly see the point in embellishing my work with unpronounceable words and “pretentious” prose for the sole purpose of impressing examiners. I believe in writing from the heart.

Writing has brought me happiness and worthiness, delight and reverie.

I write for these.

Samuel Tan. A little too common-sounding, perhaps. There are probably a thousand other “Samuel Tan”s in little red dot alone, and I dare say I could definitely dig out a doppelgänger from the flock…

Oh well, to cut a long story short, I was skulking around everyone’s blogs tonight, and happened to chance on several rather… well…. inflammatory remarks detailing the various exploits of certain acquaintances of mine with vivid detail. Oh yes… I found the blog in question because I used the “find” function in Safari to search for a particular name… a rather unique one too…

Only then did it occur to me , for the first time in my life, that having such an unassuming name might actually prove to be an advantage…

I’ve never been one to stand out in the crowd. I’ve never dared to do things differently from others. However, despite this, I’ve never been part of the crowd as such. I’ve never ever blended in well in any “society”, aside from a small clique of friends by my side… Put simply, I sometimes “fall through the cracks”…

What amazes me most, however, is that I don’t really mind having this happen to me… It’s really rather queer, no doubt, but I dunno… sometimes, the freedom of being alone can really be enjoyable…


Oh well… I’m confused. Have a blessed Christmas!

I’m Back

Hi… After one year, I’m back at my old wordpress blog, ready to start writing once more – Blogger is just too complex for IT idiots like myself, hence this simple, idiot-proof alternative… Please relink =)

Japan Trip & Everything Else

I just realised that I haven’t posted for almost 2 months… My blog is literally rotting as it languishes under the sheer neglect of someone who’s been too lazy to post… Even the tagboard doesn’t seem to want to work… Ah well… Here are a few pictures from my Tokyo trip with Yee Siang, Tony and Kenneth… I actually meant to post them about a month ago… I also included some (only 3) photos from my Malacca trip with the GeogRAphy and HistRA ppl…

Tokyo Photos

Yee Siang & Me in Disneyland… I’m looking st the sky and Yee Siang is looking at… at… Actually I’m not sure what he’s looking at.

Tony, Yee Siang, Me and Kenneth on Mount Fuji… Why everybody look so stone? Every photo also like that…

Urban development stretching from Yokohama to Tokyo (neighbouring cities).

If you wish to criticize/lawd/praise our (un)photogenic selves, click on this link

Malacca Photos

The hotel room that looked deceptively nice. Everything was in perfect working order besides the heater, the faucets and the air-conditioning.

Ren Yan grinning evilly while eating Chendol…

Daniel and Marc in the same Chendol store.

After the Tokyo trip, I went to Hong Kong with my family… Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera, so no photos… No more time to post… Need to do my ERP, CRP, Geog RA Assg, read Duzhe, study for log test… The list goes on… So much for a “holiday”… By the way, I’m thinking of moving my blog somewhere else already… It’s rather troublesome here… Loading 1 photo takes more than a minute…

Looking forwared to posting regularly again… Feel free to comment…


Got to study for an endless tyrannical storm of tests (including one on hurricanes for GeogRAphy), so I shall post ultra short… but not very sweet… Hmmm…. So here goes…

Just yesterday, I went blogsurfing, and read some rather heartwarming (and passionate)posts in some of my linked blogs, and I came across one that really quite a lot to do with me (and huqin section as well, for that matter).

Actually, I have to admit that I am rather harsh at times, especially to certain people. It’s just that sometimes, things just really get on my nerves… It’s a bit like trying to stuff something that tastes bad (very bad) into your mouth. After a while, your would just expel everything out… (Assuredly not a very nice sight)

So much for trying to be nice…and trying to control my temper… Apologies (esp. to a certain group mate doing a certain project with me, and a certain classmate, who also happens to be a prefect)… Perhaps I should put in more effort to be…well…nice