Damn Freaky

It’s Saturday today, and I actually had to wake up at 6.30 cos I had to go for CCA… On SATURDAY.. The conductor was quite nice lah, and he cracked like lots of super-lame jokes throughout dazu (orchestral practice…. for those who don’t know).. Actually I don’t mind CCA lah.. It’s actually quite fun someimes.

After dazu, I went off 4 lunch with Ren Yan and Jeremy so we could discuss our RE. When we went on the MRT, there was this damn freaky middle-aged guy in the train and he was like..smiling at us and saying “You just came from school is it? Your school very stress har?”

Frankly speaking, I was feeling quite awkward, so I smiled at him weakly and said”Ya.. School is quite streesful lah”. To avoid speaking to that guy any further, I turned to Ren Yan and attempted to ask him”What do you want to do for RE?”.

Before I could finish my question, the freaky guy started talking to Ren Yan and I about how he was a head prefect before, how he was a financial planner who earned like 10,000 a month, how he used to be able to swim 50 laps a day and read 10 books a week. After that, that guy took us his pen from his pocket and said “This one I ‘cope’ from my office one.. Next time you grow up you must learn how to save money.. I does not matter what ppl see you as.. As long as your bank account have more money can oredi…” 

By this time, I was already freaked out enough… And then he took out his wallet and continued boasting to us “You see my wallet? It’s an Armani Wallet… It costs $300.. You see.. I have platinium card (takes out his Credit Cards)… I have about ten credit cards..”At this time, the train was already at Novena, and I was desperately counting down each stop to city hall.

After what seemed like a century of pained endurance listening to some guy who was desprerate to “promote” himself, the train finally pulled in at City Hall. Ren Yan, Jeremy(who managed to hide himself behind Ren Yan and I throughout the entire ordeal) and I ran out of the train and went to the carriage furthest away from the guy.

Seriously lah, I don’t see how anybody can be mentally deranged enough to take out his credit cards and wallet and start boasting on the train.


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