To me, my blog is simply another medium for me to express my views, whether or not my posts may be controversial, politically correct or simply filled with endless sighs, criticisms, self-pity and lamentation.

Yeah…It’s time I actually started writing about what I initially meant to start writing out… Over the past 2 days of staying home because of some intra-class breed of potent flu virus, and after many complaints I have voiced (mostly at people who were totally not involved and I must really apologise to for forcing them to listen to my lamentations), I have finally come to realise that after all, things such as my GPA, whether or not I’m going to flunk math this year, what people think of me, are actually not that important after all…

Instead, what I would always hold dearest to me is, of course, my faith and religion, and all those little events that most people fail to care about – Offering someone a sweet or a bar of chocolate, feeling somebody’s cute chubby hamster trying to explore the “vast” expanse of your hand, watching the couple in front of you cycling through the tree-lined avenue…

It’s time we stopped brooding over our grades, our assigments, our worries and our burdens, and “come out from the darkness and into the light”, instead of thinking deeply into the slightest unsavoury action that someone performs (and making out imaginary feuds and conspiracies) and putting others down by thinking highly of ourselves and telling others that they are not worthy of our attention and produce works inferior to ours…


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