Taming The Tongue

From ancient times to the present, man has been obsessed with taming all sorts of wild animals… The Lion, The Cheetah, You name it, man has done it. Maybe stone-age man even succeded taming the woolly mammoth… However, there is one thing that man has never succeeded in taming – his tongue.

As reported in a newspaper article a few years ago, a certain worker in a certain agency in a certain country murdered his family, after which he commited suicide. Guess what the Court found out… His superior had earlier sent him a certain strong worded email criticizing his work (Please do not identify me for any fallacy…I’m well aware of a certain regulations that I should follow, or risk something).

It is high time that we all made ourselves aware of our little tongue, and the greatness of the power that emnates from it, and the constructive or destructive aura that it can command (Fellow Christians, please turn to James 3, Chapter 1 – 12). We need not be politicians or great speakers to cause a large impact on our surroundings. If we were to carefully analyse one day in a “prestigous school in the Bishan – Toa Payoh Area”, we would need no longer than one hour to track down a multitude of comments littered with the most colourful, sensationalistic language, covering a myriad of topics (which I think everybody is already familiar with such that I need not give a single analogy).

On a less sarcarstic note, there are people within the walls of this school who really disdain such comments pertaining to themselves, and I would regard it of utmost importance to chide everybody (myself included), to be sensitive to other people’s feeings, not be critical of others. Though this might sound like the view of a disgustingly PC-Conscious person, I assure you that this totally unpleasant gulp of spinach has a lot to do with alleviating the lives of many people – fellow students in our school.

Sometimes, I feel that blatant hypocrisy reeks in every corner (worse that all the old admin block toilets put together). However, I feel that these examples should not be mentioned, for the sake of everybody involved (In writing this, I’m actually making myself a hypocrite, because we all sin, but we should take a step together to at least not sin so much).

I offer you my sincerest apologies for this not-long-enough-to-be-pleasurable blogpost, and must attribute this to my sister, who has a crush on YouTube.


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