Singapore…The Next Lap?

Last night, I flipped through a book titled “Singapore, The Next Lap” (Published 1991). The title is very self – explanatory, and yeah, the book is about “future” (in 1991) plans for Singapore.

I was flipping through the chapter of “Singapore, Our Home”, when I realised that some highlights in the book were highly unusual. In the book, a low density seafront town was to be built at the mouth of Sungei Seletar, that would (to cut things short) be very high-tech. There was also to be a housing project called “Buran Darat” (whatever that might mean) at Sentosa. These public housing projects were to be completed in the “next five to ten years” (1996 – 2001).

However, 16 years later, in 2007, there is still nothing (seriously, beside water and mud) at the mouth of Sungei Seletar, and definitely no public housing on, or in the vicinity of Sentosa (besides Telok Blangah), and some thing that would really interest me and my fellow geogRAphers would be what became of these proposed plans and why they did not “take off”.

The most disturbing fact is that this information of these projects was found in a book of Singapore’s future plans. If they were featured inside, they should already be quite “confirmed”, but if so, why did they disappear? I hope to receive some clarification on the matter, and apologise for any errors I might have made in this post.


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