Chinese New Year

I’ve had my most “amazing” Chinese New Year this year… Apparently, some of my relatives forgot to invite some of my other relatives for dinner, so half my entire extended family is feeling sad, bitter and angry… Sighz…

And to top everything else, I woke up and found out that my hamster had died… On Chinese New Year!!! The last time one of my hamsters died was on the morning of my birthday! I hereby conclude that pet hamsters choose bad times to pass away… Maybe I should change the name of my blog soon…

Since Chinese New Year is also “New Year”, I shall write about my New Year’s resolutions and wishlist… Haha… So here goes…

My (Chinese) New Year Resolutions:
1) Walk closer with Christ, and overcome sin.
2) Study harder.
3) Actually get my homework done on time.
4) Pay attention in class.
5) Practise the piano (besides just before my lesson).
6) Post more often on my blog, and not bore everyone with Geog related posts.
7) Bring someone else to church.

Chinese New Year Wishlist:
1) Not fail my piano exam this Friday.
2) Get $500 this CNY!!!
3) Increase viewership on thi blog to at least 30 plus a day… (Currently, it’s about 20).
4) More nice new clothes… New t-shirts, plus nice jeans, plus undies + etc.+ etc. +etc….

Haha… And Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog…

P.S. Apaulogees for any yunyintentyed typoss… I’m reiily busyee


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