Die Die – Wed, 4/4

For the past 2 weeks, most of my life has essentially been spent slogging over Lit CRP assg, R&J test, Chinese Book Test, Bio assg and all the other assorted assg.s and numerous other stacks of paper with a “P” as a suffix. Ohya… and there was SYF & ACJC Geog Quiz as well… Thank God for guiding me through everything…

This Wednesday was like double victory, double happiness, double $$$ day. Firstly, GOLD for SYF!!! The first one in 8 years!!! Although everybody kept on asking “Why no honours?” (Which is actually rather irrititating), the sense of pleasure in telling them that CO got GWH (Gold Without Honours) is still one to be proud of. I love CO!!!

Following that, we won 1st for ACJC Geog Quiz!!! Frankly speaking, with CO practice and my Lit CRP to finish chionging, I did not manage to mug enough and was actually quite worried during the quiz. The score lines were ultra close… RI almost did not make it to the last round, and even the last round was won only by 1 point, whch is actually not such a great win… But who cares… As long as we won!!! It was super fun… Oh well… it still feels ultra shiok to win another competition…

To round off the day, I blew $24 (damn lot) on Norwegian King Salmon Fillet at Manhattan Fish Market before going for “West Side Story” (My 2nd ACJC event in 1 day!!!). I made sure I asked for the bill after I finished my dinner… It just feels awfully good when the waiter comes toward you with a leather clipboard with your receipt in it and says “Your bill, sir”…

To end off this post, I would like to thank everyone in RICO and my Geog RA class who made the above victories possible…


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