There is such a thing as free lunch/dinner

I used to wonder how people managed to lose their wallets… It seemed quite impossible… Like, how do you put your wallet on the hawker centre table and forget about it? Isn’t it quite idiotic? Yes, no doubt… But now, yours truly, dearest Samuel Tan, has managed to lose his wallet without even knowing how he lost it. Sigh… So much for taking things to new levels of perfection… (Or idiocy, for that matter..). To top it all of, it just had to rain after I lost my wallet, and (fantastically) I lost my umbrella too…

Oh how are the great fallen… To me, it’s like some public disgrace to commit the heinous act of losing my wallet… And go waving around like a crazed chicken in front of Bishan 8 Condo to attract a Taxi coming out (When it’s raining cats and dogs)…

Actually, I should be quite happy still… Somehow, my N70 (in case you don’t know, it’s a handphone model) which I remember placing with my wallet, did not go missing (Thank God), and I kept my $200 for paying Shen Lao Shi for Erhu lessons somewhere else, and not in my wallet. Ohya, and I managed to catch a taxi with $5 I dug out from deep inside my Erhu case and $10 borrowed from Marc… Miraculous, eh…

Ah… nevermind… The thought of I, me, and myself losing my wallet is totally irksome… Thank Goodness for my free buffet dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court on Saturday night (sponsored by my uncle), and my ultra fun lunch with fellow RICO buddies at the Columbarium (especially the zhong1 ji2 mi4 ma3 game we had to “auction” off the sharksfin soup… Which of course, I won… Haha)…


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