I’m SINKing

Hmmmm…. Have any of you ever thought of what would happen if you dropped something (specifically a glass cup) into the sink? Amazing experience by the “venerable” (cough-…cough-) yours truly through a brilliant scientific experiment has shown conclusive results that are… well, to put it simply, rather amusing…

Yah… I dropped a glass mug into a porcelain sink, and guess what… The sink broke!!! It was rather shocking, but slightly amusing as well, because I could actually see through the sink… Intelligent…Right??? I don’t think my mum was really very happy about it… Oh well… Congratulations to myself.. Ha…… Ha……

Wow.. this post is actually short and sweet… Beautiful, aint it? Btw, the little thumbnails along the sidebar now double up to serve as links to my tagboard… Ohya… I just realised that I, being lazy, have not posted for damn bloody long… And… As I have just shockingly found out, there are ppl who don’t know that I have a tagboard… Fyi… if you really cannot find my tagboard, click here.

By the btw, I was just thinking… Dan Brown said that Marilyn Monroe & Mickey Mouse = allusion to Mary Magdalene (All MMs)… What about our next door neighbour’s ex-prime minister, Mr. MM?


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