Got to study for an endless tyrannical storm of tests (including one on hurricanes for GeogRAphy), so I shall post ultra short… but not very sweet… Hmmm…. So here goes…

Just yesterday, I went blogsurfing, and read some rather heartwarming (and passionate)posts in some of my linked blogs, and I came across one that really quite a lot to do with me (and huqin section as well, for that matter).

Actually, I have to admit that I am rather harsh at times, especially to certain people. It’s just that sometimes, things just really get on my nerves… It’s a bit like trying to stuff something that tastes bad (very bad) into your mouth. After a while, your would just expel everything out… (Assuredly not a very nice sight)

So much for trying to be nice…and trying to control my temper… Apologies (esp. to a certain group mate doing a certain project with me, and a certain classmate, who also happens to be a prefect)… Perhaps I should put in more effort to be…well…nice


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