I’m SINKing

Hmmmm…. Have any of you ever thought of what would happen if you dropped something (specifically a glass cup) into the sink? Amazing experience by the “venerable” (cough-…cough-) yours truly through a brilliant scientific experiment has shown conclusive results that are… well, to put it simply, rather amusing…

Yah… I dropped a glass mug into a porcelain sink, and guess what… The sink broke!!! It was rather shocking, but slightly amusing as well, because I could actually see through the sink… Intelligent…Right??? I don’t think my mum was really very happy about it… Oh well… Congratulations to myself.. Ha…… Ha……

Wow.. this post is actually short and sweet… Beautiful, aint it? Btw, the little thumbnails along the sidebar now double up to serve as links to my tagboard… Ohya… I just realised that I, being lazy, have not posted for damn bloody long… And… As I have just shockingly found out, there are ppl who don’t know that I have a tagboard… Fyi… if you really cannot find my tagboard, click here.

By the btw, I was just thinking… Dan Brown said that Marilyn Monroe & Mickey Mouse = allusion to Mary Magdalene (All MMs)… What about our next door neighbour’s ex-prime minister, Mr. MM?


There is such a thing as free lunch/dinner

I used to wonder how people managed to lose their wallets… It seemed quite impossible… Like, how do you put your wallet on the hawker centre table and forget about it? Isn’t it quite idiotic? Yes, no doubt… But now, yours truly, dearest Samuel Tan, has managed to lose his wallet without even knowing how he lost it. Sigh… So much for taking things to new levels of perfection… (Or idiocy, for that matter..). To top it all of, it just had to rain after I lost my wallet, and (fantastically) I lost my umbrella too…

Oh how are the great fallen… To me, it’s like some public disgrace to commit the heinous act of losing my wallet… And go waving around like a crazed chicken in front of Bishan 8 Condo to attract a Taxi coming out (When it’s raining cats and dogs)…

Actually, I should be quite happy still… Somehow, my N70 (in case you don’t know, it’s a handphone model) which I remember placing with my wallet, did not go missing (Thank God), and I kept my $200 for paying Shen Lao Shi for Erhu lessons somewhere else, and not in my wallet. Ohya, and I managed to catch a taxi with $5 I dug out from deep inside my Erhu case and $10 borrowed from Marc… Miraculous, eh…

Ah… nevermind… The thought of I, me, and myself losing my wallet is totally irksome… Thank Goodness for my free buffet dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court on Saturday night (sponsored by my uncle), and my ultra fun lunch with fellow RICO buddies at the Columbarium (especially the zhong1 ji2 mi4 ma3 game we had to “auction” off the sharksfin soup… Which of course, I won… Haha)…

Die Die – Wed, 4/4

For the past 2 weeks, most of my life has essentially been spent slogging over Lit CRP assg, R&J test, Chinese Book Test, Bio assg and all the other assorted assg.s and numerous other stacks of paper with a “P” as a suffix. Ohya… and there was SYF & ACJC Geog Quiz as well… Thank God for guiding me through everything…

This Wednesday was like double victory, double happiness, double $$$ day. Firstly, GOLD for SYF!!! The first one in 8 years!!! Although everybody kept on asking “Why no honours?” (Which is actually rather irrititating), the sense of pleasure in telling them that CO got GWH (Gold Without Honours) is still one to be proud of. I love CO!!!

Following that, we won 1st for ACJC Geog Quiz!!! Frankly speaking, with CO practice and my Lit CRP to finish chionging, I did not manage to mug enough and was actually quite worried during the quiz. The score lines were ultra close… RI almost did not make it to the last round, and even the last round was won only by 1 point, whch is actually not such a great win… But who cares… As long as we won!!! It was super fun… Oh well… it still feels ultra shiok to win another competition…

To round off the day, I blew $24 (damn lot) on Norwegian King Salmon Fillet at Manhattan Fish Market before going for “West Side Story” (My 2nd ACJC event in 1 day!!!). I made sure I asked for the bill after I finished my dinner… It just feels awfully good when the waiter comes toward you with a leather clipboard with your receipt in it and says “Your bill, sir”…

To end off this post, I would like to thank everyone in RICO and my Geog RA class who made the above victories possible…

a picture of penang

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Wow. This is probably the first time that I have decided to post something nice and long (and worth reading) on my blog for almost two weeks…. Maybe I should congratulate myself for reviving my blog. Yeah… Btw, I just came back from the CO trip in Penang, and quite obviously (If you didn’t read the title, or didn’t understand it), I’m planning to write about it. So ya, here goes…

In Penang, everything is like some parallel universe of Singapore – The Chinese there speak Mandarin, but with a different intonation, and there is Laksa, except it tastes of Assam, and even their concert hall, Dewan Sri Pinang (which we performed in) actually looks like SCH (Singapore Conference Hall), if not for the fact that everything was not red in colour.

This “parallel universe” concept drags all the way to the food street at Gurney Road – When I walked to the Laksa stall, I told the attendant I would like “san1 kuai4” (3 dollars) worth of Laksa. On this perefectly normal statement that I thought would assimilate perfectly into any “food centre” environment, the shop attendent gave me a blank look and a painfully audible “Har…” (which sadly was probably the only thing we had in common in terms of intonation).

After a “slow-motion” period of 3 seconds, her face lights up and she tells me “Horrrr…. Ni1 yao2 san3 kuai1 de3 a1″ (Pay attention to the pinyin and you’ll get it).

My reply – “Shi4, wo3 yao4 san3 kuai1 de4″

Apologies for the diffculty of non-Mandarin speakers in understanding this post. Btw, Fyi, in case you didn’t know, the number behind the sound is the pinyin for the Mandarin character.

Figures of Speech & Verbal Diarrhoea

I feel random, so today’s entry is dedicated to a few random quotes and jokes from some random (and not so random) people. If you cannot catch the random error(s), look at the italics

1) TOP OF THE CHARTS (This is true, mind you): Person X was telling Person Y (someone who just started learning English) that 2 common phrases are “Feel free me to call me” and “Keep in touch”. Folowing this, Person Y, being extremely “Geh Kiang” (act smart) rearranged the words and added them together, and managed the magnificent concoction of “Feel free to touch me”. Ohya…Person Y was female and Person X was male….Naughty naughty….

2) I cannot hear what you are saying… I must go home and dig my nose.

3) I need to fuuuux (actual pronunciation is fax, in case you didn’t know) you. [Maybe I should have told him that I wanted to fuuuuuuuuuuuux him….]

4) By right, you should be dhyunjgjkhvdjhgdcfghynbvghgv……….. , but by left, you should be…

5) Isn’t Deng Xiaoping a singer? (Imagine someone with a blank, clueless expression on his face, with his History teacher looking on as if he just saw Sadako.)

Sigh….Why do we all make such humiliating errors when we least expect to do so? Btw, if you want to read more interesting stuff, read my previous post below.

Every Aunt’s Seven Commandments

I’m feeling random and free, so I decided to post something that applies to every one of us when we meet our grandaunts/aunts/numerous relatives during festive occasions, and have to endure their “beautiful” renditions of love and care. Here are the “Seven Commandments” as applicable to our aunties (Especially those who are rich 50-year-old retirees):

1) Thou shalt eat half a cheese-cake and say “Samuel, you look so thin. Can you finish the rest for me? I’m not hungry.”

2) Thou shalt use year of the rooster/chicken (I can’t remember which is it) angpows in the year of the pig.

3) Thou shalt see your nephews/nieces and go “Hi…. You are this ah..ah..ah…….. ah siang eh gia (person X’s kid in Hokkien)…You are ah…..ah……..” and 15 “ah”s later, you get fed up and fill in the blank and say I’m Y, and I’m the son of person X.

4) Thou shalt ask your fellow Aunties how to cook curry, after which you tell them “You (the other Auntie) should not cook curry that way”.

5) After this , both Aunties quarrel…. (Please tell me what’s the point of asking someone how to do something if you’re going to contradict her anyway.)

6) Thou shalt slam down the phone without saying goodbye.

7) Thou shalt call your nephew and demand “Where’s your grandmother?”, after which you scold your bemused nephew for not knowing where his grandmother is. (Like Hello…. I’m not my grandma’s guardian or something….)

P.S. I’m so happy I finally got down to posting after dunno how long… Actually 520 views for a one-month-old blog isn’t that bad huh (Especially if my stats aren’t supposed to count my own visits)? LINK ME!!!!!

Chinese New Year

I’ve had my most “amazing” Chinese New Year this year… Apparently, some of my relatives forgot to invite some of my other relatives for dinner, so half my entire extended family is feeling sad, bitter and angry… Sighz…

And to top everything else, I woke up and found out that my hamster had died… On Chinese New Year!!! The last time one of my hamsters died was on the morning of my birthday! I hereby conclude that pet hamsters choose bad times to pass away… Maybe I should change the name of my blog soon…

Since Chinese New Year is also “New Year”, I shall write about my New Year’s resolutions and wishlist… Haha… So here goes…

My (Chinese) New Year Resolutions:
1) Walk closer with Christ, and overcome sin.
2) Study harder.
3) Actually get my homework done on time.
4) Pay attention in class.
5) Practise the piano (besides just before my lesson).
6) Post more often on my blog, and not bore everyone with Geog related posts.
7) Bring someone else to church.

Chinese New Year Wishlist:
1) Not fail my piano exam this Friday.
2) Get $500 this CNY!!!
3) Increase viewership on thi blog to at least 30 plus a day… (Currently, it’s about 20).
4) More nice new clothes… New t-shirts, plus nice jeans, plus undies + etc.+ etc. +etc….

Haha… And Happy New Year to everyone who reads my blog…

P.S. Apaulogees for any yunyintentyed typoss… I’m reiily busyee