Japan Trip & Everything Else

I just realised that I haven’t posted for almost 2 months… My blog is literally rotting as it languishes under the sheer neglect of someone who’s been too lazy to post… Even the tagboard doesn’t seem to want to work… Ah well… Here are a few pictures from my Tokyo trip with Yee Siang, Tony and Kenneth… I actually meant to post them about a month ago… I also included some (only 3) photos from my Malacca trip with the GeogRAphy and HistRA ppl…

Tokyo Photos

Yee Siang & Me in Disneyland… I’m looking st the sky and Yee Siang is looking at… at… Actually I’m not sure what he’s looking at.

Tony, Yee Siang, Me and Kenneth on Mount Fuji… Why everybody look so stone? Every photo also like that…

Urban development stretching from Yokohama to Tokyo (neighbouring cities).

If you wish to criticize/lawd/praise our (un)photogenic selves, click on this link

Malacca Photos

The hotel room that looked deceptively nice. Everything was in perfect working order besides the heater, the faucets and the air-conditioning.

Ren Yan grinning evilly while eating Chendol…

Daniel and Marc in the same Chendol store.

After the Tokyo trip, I went to Hong Kong with my family… Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera, so no photos… No more time to post… Need to do my ERP, CRP, Geog RA Assg, read Duzhe, study for log test… The list goes on… So much for a “holiday”… By the way, I’m thinking of moving my blog somewhere else already… It’s rather troublesome here… Loading 1 photo takes more than a minute…

Looking forwared to posting regularly again… Feel free to comment…